jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Theo van Doesburg-Designer of the semester i wasn´t here lol

Each month I feature a different designer in association with my monthly post which is sent to you by ... here XD. The Designer of the Month(Semester) will have some special items for you that will be available at sight. Theo van Doesburg is the Designer of the Month for January 2010...or semester july 2009 - january 2010 lol.

August Burns Red-Constellations (2009)

Now after all this time of abscense, although i know nobody is going to read this, i post my new favorite album. Clasified as the best metalcore album of all time by Thrash Magazine i am honored to pass this great work to you.

I unfortunately never gave this band a chance until one of our reviewers gave them an amazing review. I was always told they were as preachy as The Devil's Wear Prada and I figured I can't take to many more Christian bands. Well first and foremost, that jack off was wrong, so I basically missed 5 years of amazing music, but thankfully I caught up. I haven't decided is "Messengers" or "Constellations" is better, however when you release 23 songs without a bad one it’s not a bad thing. This album kicks you in the teeth from beginning to end and leaves you breathless. Of note, I will say "Messengers" is definitely more core than "Constellations" but this is also one of the few highlights from 2009 so it was a no brainer.


jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

A Day to Remember-homesick...Sorry for the absence lol

A Day to Remember es una banda post-hardcore de Ocala, Florida, del Sello Victory Records. Ellos dicen tener influencias de muchos géneros, incluyendo pop punk, metalcore, y hasta death metal. La música de la banda fue descrita como «Mezcla de gritos death metal con las impetuosas melodías del Pop-punk» y una cruza entre «pop punk inquieto y el avasallador metalcore.»
A day to remember ha estado 5 semanas consecutivas en el top 10 en la programacion de

Homesick is A Day to Remember's third studio album. It was released on February 2, 2009 in Europe and February 3, 2009 in the United States and has placed at #21 on Billboard's Top 200 Listings and at #1 on Top Independent Albums as of February 21. It was produced by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and mixed by Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage. In October 2008, a song called "Wax Larry" appeared on the band's MySpace, which was the demo of "I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?".


jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Back in town...Green Day and Papa Roach

well i´ve been absent for the last three weeks so to compensate that i bring a 2x1 package with green day and papa roach two bands that have come back to town recently too.

first greenday-21st century breakdown:

download here:

and then for the ones who like papa roach-metamorphosis:

Enjoy...hard-to-find albums!

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

New Mexican Disaster Squad-Don´t Believe

New Mexican Disaster Squad was a hardcore punk band. It was formed in Orlando, Florida in 1999. Their last show was at the Fest 7 on November 1, 2008.

The band's MySpace page describes their sound as "harken[ing] back to the glory days of American hardcore with equal influences from the east and west coasts".[1]

They released four full-length albums, the last, Don't Believe (2006), on Jade Tree Records.

On December 28, 2008, a posting on the band's MySpace page announced that Goldfarb, Etherington, and Johnson had joined with Tony Foresta, the vocalist from Municipal Waste, to form a band called No Friends.


miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Isidro Ferrer

Madrid, although based in Huesca, Isidro Ferrer reaches the world of design on a somewhat unexpected. It will be an accident that takes several months to recover, which will depart from the stage, where he acted as member of several theater companies Aragonese (between 1983 and 1987), according to their education: Bachelor of Dramatic Art and Scenography.

Madrileño, aunque afincado en Huesca, Isidro Ferrer llega al mundo del diseño de forma un tanto inesperada. Será un accidente, del que tardará en recobrarse varios meses, el que le apartará de los escenarios, donde actuaba como miembro de varias compañías teatrales aragonesas (entre 1983 y 1987), de acuerdo con su formación académica: Graduado en Arte Dramático y Escenografía.

Su primera incursión en el sector tiene lugar en el rotativo El Heraldo de Aragón (1988), donde ejerce como diagramador e ilustrador, aunque será al año siguiente cuando cobre un rumbo definitivo tras el stage en el estudio de Peret, quien ejercerá una poderosa y saludable influencia en el conjunto de la obra posterior de Ferrer.

Desde el Estudio Camaleón, que funda junto con otros tres profesionales en 1990, su labor comienza a despuntar públicamente: es distinguido con el Primer premio de Diseño Gráfico Jovenews (1991) organizado por la revista Ardi; recibe el encargo del montaje del espacio dedicado a Goya en el Pabellón aragonés de la Expo 92 y su libro El Vuelo de la Razón es galardonado por el Ministerio de Cultura en 1993. Interesados en más visitar:

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

No Trigger-Canyoneer

No Trigger is a melodic punk/hardcore band from Massachusetts, United States. The band formed in 2000, with a sound which takes cues from like-minded outfits such as Strike Anywhere and None More Black. The band self-released two demos, one of them a split with Wasteland. By this point the band had started to gain accolades from the webzine likes of Pastepunk and Punknews, the latter of which referred to No Trigger as close to being "the best unsigned band in America."

In late 2004, the band compiled these recordings and remastered the sound for their debut release, Extinction in Stereo, released on independent record label Bigmouth Japan. Extinction received a significant amount of attention and praise from the punk rock press.

In 2005, No Trigger signed to independent record label Nitro Records, and their debut full-length, entitled Canyoneer, was released on March 21, 2006.

Download here!